Development platform for energy converters

Control board based on Microcontroller TI TMS320F28335 with several peripheral circuits that allow the implementation of a complete and robust power converter control system. This board combines high processing power with a high level of flexibility, allowing the implementation of several control strategies for different converter topologies. Analog peripherals and circuits for typical measurements in a power converter system, including instantaneous protections for overcurrent and overvoltage, for example; a programable digital device from Altera EPM1270 is included in the board and allow implementing advanced protections and interlock strategies to guarantee the safe operation of the power devices under all conditions. This board also provides different communication interfaces: CAN bus, RS-485, RS232, SPI, I2C, digital outputs and inputs (with protections) and also incremental encoder interface. Please contact us for more information.

On-Grid Wind Power Inverter

On-Grid Inverters for wind power generation systems based on synchronous generators. Nominal power 40kW at 380V or 25kW at 220V. This system allows the variable speed control of the turbine, which maximize the conversion of wind’s energy. This product is manufactured in Brazil and provides active / reactive power flow control, THD, anti-islanding and d.c. current protections and grid monitoring, according to NBR16149. Allow the connection to the grid without use of transformer. Includes protections like overvoltage, overcurrent and voltage surges; CAN and Modbus RTU RS485 communication interfaces are also available. Please contact us for more information



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